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Friday, November 5, 2010

Centennial 3 and 2 More

I've already talked about the three MB's that I earned today (at least I had the Blue Cards signed today). My total is now 16. I still have over 100 to go but I feel like I am making a small dent and am having a ton of fun learning about things I never new before.

MB #14 Cinematography

My movie was a big hit during our presentations tonight. Everyone got a big kick out of it. When it was rendered to DVD however, the sound got off track in the end just like on the upload. I am not sure how to fix it but everyone liked it anyway and laughed through the whole thing. My movie wasn't the best though. Someone made a stop action Lego film that was awesome. He said he took over 900,000 pictures! I can't even imagine how long that must have taken. Wow.

See my movie here.

MB #15 American Cultures

I caught up with my counselor (remember I missed my second class before) and had her sign my card. I was relieved because I wasn't sure if she would sign it or not. I did have all my work with me though and that helped. One thing I didn't mention about earning this one was that we learned children's folk songs from
other countries. That was interesting. The music can be found on Mama Lisa's Page.

MB #16 Pathfinding (Centennial MB #3)

This was the easiest of the Centennial MB's. I think that the things I did for this MB have been incorporated into the Citizenship MB's now. My community map can be found here.

Today was another 4 class day and I started my Genealogy MB today too. If I could always finish 3 and start 1 that would be great. I'm busy trying to learn Morse Code now. This is fun too. I wish other scouts were learning it with me. Then we could have our own 'secret' code.