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Friday, February 25, 2011 God and My Country...

Briefly silent but I haven't quit yet. The MB's I am working on currently are time and labor consuming ones. I've finished the last of what my dad calls "the Big Three." The Citizenship MB's.

MB #45 Citizenship in the Nation

Norman Rockwell's Painting of a Citizen Government

Of the three Citizenship MB's (World, Nation, and Community), this has been my favorite. I am a little unusual among my peers in that I actually am interested in current events and national politics. (I'm sure I get that from my parent's who are extreme conservatives.) The two trips we took to our Statehouse were exciting. First, we took a private tour when the legistature was not in session. Then, we went back and saw the lawmakers in action. I even got to attend a committee meeting. It was very exciting.

Utah State Capitol

Before the Private Tour

A Photo of the Inside

The Recieving Room
I wrote to new Senator Mike Lee and Representative Jason Chaffetz as a part of the scouting requirement. Representative Chaffetz even wrote a letter back to me thanking me for my support. (Very Cool!) And I reported to the MB Counselor about some of the other activities we did.