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Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Seven at one Blow"

Should I, like the tailor in the brothers Grimm fairy tale, have a belt made that reads, "Seven at one Blow"? Not hardly. While I have been very busy, I did not manage to do seven MB's on the same day (I didn't even kill seven flies like the tailor). However, My work has paid off this week and I managed to pass off seven more MB's (I was just too busy doing them to blog about them.) Here are some highlights:

#36 American Heritage MB (Tuesday)

I watched a couple of movies that dwelt with our country's heritage: A More Perfect Union and Johnny Tremain and discussed them with my counselor. I also interviewed my grandpa Thomas about my grandmother who was an immigrant to this country. She was very proud of the USA and the ideals for which it stood and the opportunities which it provided. Even though she was the only member of her family that came to America, she never regretted the decision to come and fulfill her dreams. (Shameless book plug ->) Last year my dad put together a book with her artwork and photographs. This gives me an opportunity to become familiar with an ancestor, which I don't know, that sacrificed all she had for the American Dream.

My Grandma Thomas - First Generation American
 #37 Scholarship MB (Wednesday)

Can home schooled scouts earn this merit badge? That was what I wondered when my parents signed me up for this class. But when I got thinking about it, I study and work harder now than I ever did when I was in public school. I am a better scholar now and my counselor agreed. I wrote one paper about where my studies might take me. It can be found here.

#38 Geology MB (Wednesday)

While filling out the Geology MB work pages, I thought about the Bird Book that I made for the Bird
Studies MB and decided a Rock Book would be a good addition to my Scouter's Reference Guides.

#39 Safety MB (Thursday)

I wasn't the hall monitor or anything like that but I did get to give the local Bear Den and my family some Safety presentations.

Discussing our Family Emergency Plan

#40 Animal Studies MB (Friday)

I studied animals. Mainly cows. Dairy cows. Lots of dairy cows.

#41 Pets MB (Friday)

Ironic. But my cat Jasmine ended up needing to go to the hospital this day. She did something to her paw and wasn't able to walk on it. It wasn't broken luckily but she needs to be on antibiotics for several days. The Vet thought she might have gotten bit and that it was now infected and causing her pain. He didn't see any bites but my dad said it could have been as simple as a spider bite.


Acting Like a Dog

#42 Fish and Wildlife MB (Friday)

There was a ton of homework for this MB. One thing I did was make a poster of the life cycle of a trout.

My Poster