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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.

-~Ronald Regan

I've taken a break from posting. I know. But I've still been working. I promise. I'm trying not to have such boring posts but I haven't been taking video or pictures like I've should. But, it's not all my fault! How can I take a picture or video of myself doing something other than taking a picture or video of myself? I need help in this department and my parents aren't always there to do it for me. Anyhow...

MB#63 Music

I initially signed up for this MB at the Rec Center. But, we were out of town the day I was supposed to perform my exceptional musical number. So, I sat on the finished requirements until I could talk with a different counselor who could sign me off.

I have taken piano lessons and am learning to play the trombone for my school band; but, I am not confident enough on either to play in front of people by myself. So I sang. Even though my voice is starting get a little deeper, I do not squeak when I sing soprano. I sang I Am a Child of God a cappella for my performance. My dad thinks I should be in a boys choir; but, of course, he's my dad. He's not biased or anything like that.

I also built a washtub bass for my musical instrument. I wanted to show some video of me playing it but our Flip camera was stolen by customs agents when my sister went to Mexico for a school trip. But here is what it would look like if I did it....