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Friday, April 8, 2011

Personal Bankruptcy

For a scout my age who is unemployed this should be the name of the MB.

MB#60 Personal Management
$$$ Money in/Money out $$$
Begging for an allowance should be easy. I need to show income Mom and Dad. It's the only way I can earn this MB. Sure thing they said. I could see the dollar signs. I had it all planned out where I was going to spend it. Then reality hit. They were going to make me pay for my own merit badge classes, and my own entertainment, and my own fast food, and my own Disneyland ticket, and my own junk food, and even my own ORTHODONTICS! Needless to say I made quite a bit of money in the last three months. Over $4700! But somehow I managed (personally managed) to spend all but about a hundred of it. Well, at least I'm still in the black.

Part of this MB had us picking stocks. Stock picking is always a topic discussed in our home between my dad and my grandfather. So I'm no slouch. Buy low - sell high. The principle is easy to learn but not always easy to practice. Here are the 5 I picked with there current price per share.

Symbol          -          Company          -         Current Price per share
WMT            -          Walmart            -          $53.00
GOOG          -          Google              -          $580.00
AAPL           -           Apple               -          $338.08
MSFT           -           Microsoft          -         $26.20
GE                -        General Electric   -          $20.35

I could buy 5 shares of GE but both Apple and Google are out of my price range. It will be interesting to follow these stocks over the next 6 years I'm a scout and see what they do.