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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lizards and Lawyers - Which is Lower?

MB #8 - Law

At the AF Rec Center I finished up my Law Merit Badge. We had our mock trial today and I was placed in the role as judge. My judgement was just. My ruling was fair. My wisdom was undeniable as I read my verdict:

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Bwahahahahah! Put him in irons!

But seriously, this was a really fun merit badge. I spoke with a lawyer in my neighborhood, Bob Wiley, that works in other countries and helps them to develop their legal and justice system. He was super nice and had a really fascinating job. The trial was fun too - but a little too much like television.

MB #9 - Reptile and Amphibian Studies

I got my first two pets that were all my own because of this MB - tho leopard geckos who I affectionately call "Pat and Stu." Any of you sick twisted freaks out there might get this reference. They are pretty lazy. But it is really fun when the do move chasing after one of the fresh crickets I just tossed into their cage. CHOMP! Yum! They enjoy eating them so much I almost wanted to eat one myself. Just kidding. This has been real fun and I like having two new friends (since I've been grounded from all my other ones).

Pat (under) and Stu (on top) Chillin'