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Friday, November 5, 2010

Leather and Film(less)

MB #17 Leatherwork

This was a one day MB and fun. I'm going to have to ask for a leather punch kit for Christmas this year. I got a pocketknife for scouts when I turned 11. When we were in the scout store, I saw a leather knife pouch kit. I bought it and took it to my class for this MB. It was fun working with the punches but I was surprised at how hard it was to make an impression sometimes. The bear claw ended up being more faint than I would have liked but I was very happy with the finished product. I will now be able to add my knive to my uniform. I am excited for that.

Punch Test Piece

Finished Product

Side View

MB #18 Photography

The final project was either a poster or a slideshow. So I used iMovie and made a DVD of my photo project. It was the best one (in my humble opinion) because mine was the only one with music.
My photopgraphy slideshow

Some exciting news is I got my first blog follower today. (Thanks mom.)