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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Person who States the only Compass we Need is our Conscience....

...has obviously never been lost in the woods on a cloudy day.
~Anthony Thomas from Pearls of an Eleven-Year Old Scout's Wisdom

MB #64 Orienteering

I also earned this MB though the AF Rec Center. It was fun. However, the day we were supposed to pass off the field work, it snowed 6 inches (late June). So, the counselor postponed it for a later day. (I guess he figured all we would have to do is trace his footprints in the snow and not really know how to use a compass.

I'm glad I earned this one because with the invention of handheld GPS units, I can actually see a day when this becomes a "Sesquicentennial Merit Badge." Then I can be a counselor. It will be like trying to teach how a slide rule works to my generation. the way, I haven't actually written Pearls of an Eleven-Year Old Scout's Wisdom, yet. It's just another great idea I have.