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Friday, September 16, 2011


There is a legend in Switzerland of a man named William Tell. He was imprisoned because he did not bow to the territorial leader's hat. As a punishment, he was made to shoot an arrow from his crossbow through an apple placed on his son's head. If he missed, well, you know what would happen. If he succeeded, he would be given his freedom.  He was able to hit the apple and later went on to assassinate the man who imprisoned him.

MB #72 Archery

I earned this badge at Tifie Scout Camp this summer. I wasn't sure I had completed all the requirements until I received my Merit Badge at the Court of Honor this week. It was not easy. (But, it was easier than Shotgun - which I will need more practice to get.) We used youth compound bows with a 24 pound draw. Luckily we had archery wrist guards or my arms would have been hamburger. It was tons of fun! I can't wait for camp again next year.