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Friday, December 2, 2011

Go anyway - you'll be fine.

I broke my arm in P.E. (both bones in the right wrist.)

Gruesome huh?

You would think a guy could get a break (no pun intended). You know I ended up having to go to scouts that night because of this whole "earning-every-merit-badge" thing. But, since it was my right hand my, at least my dad came and was my scribe.

MB #76 Composite Materials

We learned about different composite materials (like my cast). And then, I built a fiberglass boat for my project. It was just a toy boat. I didn't actually try it out on the water but it was very rigid just like a real one. I didn't sand it or paint it after fiberglassing it so it looked like a green swamp boat. It was informative though and I think if I were to do it again I would do it a little different.
My Cardboard Boat Cutout

Stirring the Fiberglass Epoxy

Painting it on - Boy is it Thick!

The Finished Product (a horror movie prop)