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Sunday, January 27, 2013


It kinda sounds like a mix of the words Philadelphia and Italy but it's not. It is a mix of the Greek word "philo," to like, and the word "ateleia," meaning exempt from duties and taxes. So, now I ask of you, "Who does not like being exempt from taxes?"

MB #88 Stamp Collecting

Not to get into too much history about the Stamp Act, the Boston Tea Party, and the US Revolutionary war, lets just say that stamps used to represent taxes. Except on letters. When you got a letter, you had to pay the postage as the recipient. Stamps were invented so that postage could be paid by the sender. So, when you got a letter with a stamp on it, it meant that postage was paid (or the tax to the government was paid by someone else.) I'm sure the first few people who received these letters said, "YES! I love these stamps!" and so philately, or stamp collecting (loving), was born.

This MB actually started with me collecting, of all things, a boy scout stamp.

I liked it so much, It ended up in our family journal, The Thomas Times. 

The stamp collection I have, with the exception of the sheet of scout stamps, are all foreign cancelled stamps. I have a book of maps of the continents of the world. On the maps of each continent, I have placed stamps that correlate to its corresponding country. I think it is a pretty cool collection. Some day, I'll scan in a couple of pages and post them here.l