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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Walk Through Time.

#25 Genealogy MB

This MB really wasn't that hard or new for me. Because of my faith (I'm a Mormon), my family does a lot of genealogy. My grandfather, who lives with us, even hires a professional genealogist to do research and find our ancestors. He has a book that is probably 10 inches thick that has our ancestry in it. And, we have many writings of my pioneer ancestors that shed light into their lives.

I'm making a good pace thanks to the classes at the rec center and due to the fact that I am home schooled and can spend more time on them. However, I believe that all I am doing are the easy ones and all the hard ones are still in front of me as well as most of the required MB's. But you gotta start somewhere.

My Ancestry - in many, many pages!