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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Apple a Day.....

.When I earned the Signaling MB, I thought I was done learning languages until I got to high school. Wow! Little did I know that earning the Medicine MB was going to be like learning a foreign language too!

MB #62 Medicine

Did you know that there are dictionaries just for medical terms? And, they are big ones too! It isn't enough just co call a blood pressure device a 'blood pressure device.' It is actually called a 'sphygmomanometer!' I've already forgot more words for this MB than I can count. I know their definitions, just not the word that they are defined by. Oh, brother.

My dad (the counselor for this MB as a side note) told me a story about a person who was working at the hospital that didn't have a good command of medical terms:

A girl who just started working at the hospital pharmacy was supposed to wear a name tag around her neck. All the employees had clear plastic tube lanyards around their necks holding their badges. They looked like this:

So, they told this girl to go to the nurses' stations and ask for some Eustachian tubes. The people in the pharmacy and the nurses all thought it was funny when the girl went around asking for Eustachian tubes. She came back red in the face and not very happy when she learned she had Eustachian tubes all along.

Anyhow, this was a lesson in learning what the word is before you use it incorrectly - especially in the medical world.