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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This guy with really big hair -

theorized that "Energy can neither be created nor it is destroyed, however energy can be converted from one form energy to any other form of energy." (Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz) It is now known as The Law of Conservation of Energy.

MB #74 Energy

This turned out to be a bonus MB at the Pow Wow. I did not sign up for it. But, while we were doing the Engineering MB, the instructor said that this one went hand in hand so we would be working on both.

This MB required a lot of homework which wasn't easy in my house. Because, most of the homework was on how to "conserve" energy. That of course gets my dad started on his political tirade. He says we can "conserve" resources but not energy. I do get his point. If energy can't be created or destroyed, how can it be saved?