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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pow Wow

I finished three more on Saturday at the BYU/UVU Pow Wow. These ones kept me pretty busy for the last couple of weeks.

#22 - Computers MB

I went to my friend's (Alex Millett) dad's work and we learned about computers. He showed us how the company uses computers to write dashboards for other companies. The dashboards are charts and graphs that companies use to measure the success of their company.He showed us one for a car companies.  It tracks what brands and types of cars people buy.  It shows whether women or men buy more of a certain brand, or what kinds of cars single or married people buy. It also tracks things like which state buys more cars etc.  He showed us a calling center dashboard.  It tracks how long the average wait time is for a caller and how many questions are answered the first time someone calls in.  He then showed us how others use the computers different ways within the business. The graphic designers use computers to design the different buttons on the program.  The Testers have programs on their computer to test the products before they sale them.  The salesman use their computers to track their customers.

#23 - Crime Prevention MB

We went to our city's courthouse and saw some arraignment hearings.
They first showed us a 5 min video that explains the different pleas that the alleged criminals can plea
(innocent, guilty, no contest).  It said that if they plead anything, but innocent they give the right up
for a trial, jury etc.

We saw a man who had been caught driving without a license.  He had it revoked 3 years earlier because
of drunk driving.  He was sentenced to 3 days in jail and $1200 in fines.

We saw someone who just had to show proof of insurance.

We saw another lady driving without a license.  She was fined $500

We saw someone who shoplifted at Walmart.  He plead not-guilty because of peer pressure.  He was assigned an lawyer and a trial date.

We saw a girl who was caught with drugs.  She has a $2000 fine and probation and drug testing for 6 weeks. If she stays clean for a certain period of time, she will not have to pay as high of a fine.  She told the judge that she was past all that now and would do better.

We saw a girl who was caught under age drinking.  The judge asked her if she had anything to say.  She said
no.  He gave her the highest fine because she was not sorry ($500).

We also did some skits for the cub scout pack in our area about neighborhood safety. This is a poster I used for mine.

(I'll have to put it up later. I can't find the photo I took)

#24 - Citizenship in the World MB

For part of this MB, a woman in our neighborhood and her nephew from Belgium talked to us for about an hour about her homeland's culture and customs. She said that Christmas really starts on December 6th and they celebrate all month there. That almost makes me want to live in Belgium.