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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Canoe. Can You?

Summer is when I planned on getting all the fun and exciting MB's. But somewhere along the line, I just got too busy having fun not associated with MB's. That and the fact that summer decided not to show up in Utah until July. That's not to say I stopped working on my MB's. I had scout camp, where I signed up for 4 fun and exciting MB's (more to follow later on that front). And, I got to go down to Utah Lake with my best friend and work on my Canoeing MB.

MB #65 Canoeing

It snowed this year. And snowed. And snowed. And snowed. Did I mention that it snowed? As a matter of fact, right now, on July 28, there is still snow on Mount Timpanogos. And not just the backside either. Dad thought it would be a great time to take the canoe and go down the Sevier River since it was running so high and fast because of the runoff from the mountains. But, then the news started showing story after story of people drowning because they thought the river would be 'fun.' So plans changed and we went to Utah Lake, and my friend Matt and I got to earn our Canoeing MB.

The thing about the lake is this: the Provo River, which is supplied by all that melted snow, dumps into the lake. This makes the lake in early June very, VERY COLD! Normally I wouldn't mind as I am in a boat ON TOP of the water. But, a good portion of this MB has us tipping the canoe and showing our skills in righting it and even SWIMMING a tipped canoe to shore. Did I mention how cold the water was? Let's just say I wished I was in my nice warm snow cave from my Klondike Derby days. At least in there I was dressed.

It was fun anyhow. And it made this posting a much better read.
Not Lewis and Clark. Tony and Matt! 
The Water was as Smoothe as Glass that Day