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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Night School Continues...

The Classes for the merit badges at the AF Rec Center have been scheduled so that there are no overlaps. Every now and then an instructor has to change a class (which is why I missed passing off my American Culture Merit Badge yesterday - I'll have to call my counselor tomorrow), but some nights like tonight I will have 4 classes back to back. I finished up three more today and started another one.

MB #10 Electricity

My big requirement for this one was a two bird-one stone project. For my Signaling Merit Badge, I have to build a signaling device. This was a good opportunity to use my electricity requirement to build an electric signaler. It worked well and had both a light and a speaker for double duty. (Now all I have to do is memorize my morse code).


I then had my intro to photography which was very educational. I took my digital camera and we ran outside do get some snapshots of different things at different angles. It would have been great but I slipped and got my uniform dirty. I hope it comes clean.

MB #11 Public Health

The big excitement here was the trip to the dump (or waste management if you prefer). I guess it makes sense that garbage collection means disease containment but I really never though about it before.

MB #12 Chemistry

Today while finishing up my Chemistry MB we made our Cartesian Diver. Pretty cool. Going in to this MB, I thought it was only about chemicals. I had no idea chemistry played such a big part in our every day lives.