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Friday, October 22, 2010

The 3 C's or 'C' Isn't Just for Cookies Anymore!

There are several  MB's that I am working on right now trying to get all the requirements done before I have my 'exit interview' with my counselor. One that I worked on yesterday was the American Cultures Merit Badge. Mom, Chanelle and I drove down to BYU and went through their Museum of People and Cultures. (I wonder if that museum was made just so boy scouts can get this merit badge.) It was pretty neat seeing all the old Native American Stuff. Even Chanelle enjoyed playing with the felt board petroglyphs.

I Could Use Those for My Halloween Costume

Fake Petroglyphs

Real Petroglyphs

Almost  like "National Treasure 2"

Any Resemblance in Smile?

After visiting the museum, we then headed to the Lindon City Building to see if I could interview a Police Officer. This is a requirement for the Law Merit Badge. I was a little nervous sitting in the lobby of the police department. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Then, Officer Ray Ormond came out and talked to me. He looked cool in his sharp pressed uniform, sidearm and all. I asked him about his job duties and what it was like to be a policeman. He was super nice. He talked about the what he had to do to enforce the laws in my town. He explained that our, (everyone's) safety was his main concern and that the laws were there for the same reason. I think the police are awesome!

Officer Ray Ormond - A Great Guy

In the evening I went to the Rec Center (AF) to start two new MB's. I am really excited about Cinematography. I get to make my own movie and show it in scouts. I already have some ideas.

The other MB I started was one of the centennial ones. Apparently everyone else in Utah wants this merit badge too. The classroom was packed. An entire troop from Salt Lake even came in for it. The requirements for this one seem like the are going to be fairly easy. Perhaps 100 years ago it was more difficult knowing what is in a three mile radius around your council. With cars and Google maps however this one becomes real easy. My counselor said it was because a young British Scout helped W. D. Boyce navigate the streets of London that we have the Boy Scouts of America - and why we have this Merit Badge Today.

The 3 C's?

Culture, Cinematography, and Community